We use a combination of different methods

Classes take place in
a beautiful Art Nuovo building
in Agenskalns district, one of the most beautiful parts of Riga
  • Small groups
    Students are organized into small groups, so that a teacher has an opportunity to devote time to everyone. We also provide individual tutoring and tailor made programs.
  • Academic programm
    Studying takes from 12 to 25 hours per week with focus on grammar, vocabular and speaking. Program includes classes about Russian history, art, literature, and field-trips and excursions.
  • Homestay
    Students have an option of homestay with native Russian speaking families and other great opportunities of russian-speaking city of Riga to practice their knowledges.
  • Peer activities
    Peer activities help students to practice Russian with peers in a comfortable environment, to learn modern Russian slang and to make friends among Russian-speaking peers.

Russian language levels of knowledge

Level a0-a1

This introductory course is dedicated to basics of listening, reading, speaking, and writing, as well as the expansion of cultural knowledge.

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Level a2-b1

The Intermediate Russian course is intended for the students, who continue to learn Russian and want to increase their proficiency level.

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Level b2-c1

The Advanced Russian course is aimed at developing students communication skills and advanced reading and writing skills.

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Level c2

This program helps speakers go from no literacy to a level of competency that typically exceeds that of students in 3-4 years.

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Full semester in Riga

In cooperation with RISEBA we offer one semester or full academic year programs

All courses offered by RISEBA can be transferred to home universities for RISEBA is officially licensed and accredited university by Latvian and EU educational authorities.

Besides language classes, students will be able to pick up courses offered by RISEBA and engage in internships in various fields, including international relations, political science, journalism, international business, etc.

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Baltic Center provides students with educational visa opportunities for semester and full year programs

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The Baltic Center has been
a Russian language learning center in Riga, Latvia, since 2015.
We provide a wide range of on-site programs, which include living at home with Russ ian-speaking families in Riga, academic classes with university-level teachers. In collaboration with Free University , we provide academic speakers in various fields of Russian studies, delivering lectures in English.
The Baltic Center has received a grant from the US-Russia foundation to develop its infrastructure and expand admission opportunities for more university groups. Baltic Center offers its programs all year round, from a few weeks to semester long programs.
We tailor our programs to meet the unique needs of specific groups or even individual students to meet a wide range of academic, business and personal goals through a variety of extracurricular activities or use textbooks of your choice.

The Baltic Center cooperates with several universities in the USA


Most of our teachers have academic degrees in teaching Russian as a foreign language.

Russian language
All levels. From 8 to 30 academic hours per week
Creating a program and syllabus
Individual tutoring and work in small groups
Organization and conduct of the exam (OPI)
Russian Study
Course Modern Russia
Course history of Europe and the Baltic States
Lectures by leading experts in various fields
Homestay with a Russian-speaking family
Private room, breakfast and dinner
Selection of a family taking into account the wishes of students
Maximum immersion in the Russian language
Conversation partners
Conversational practice with peers
Round tables, debates, presentations
Guided tours in Russian and English.
Bus tours - Soviet Riga, Medieval and knightly castles of Latvia, National parks, etc.
Museums, Russian Theater and National Opera
Field trips
One-day bus tours to Tallinn and Vilnius
Two-three day tours to Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Sweden
Thematic excursions and tours in Russian and English

Why you should visit Riga? unique city on the Baltic Sea coast

Language environment

Immersion is very important in studying a foreign language, and in Riga the environment is supportive and welcoming as everyone speaks fluent Russian – most accent-free Russian – even though Russian is not an official language in Latvia.

Still, students can go to the Russian Chekhov’s Drama Theatre in Riga in the evening or go to the cinema where many movies are Russian originals or have been dubbed into Russian for the wider Russian speaking audience.

Cultural environment

Immersion is very important in studying a foreign language, and in Riga the environment is supportive and welcoming as everyone speaks fluent Russian – most accent-free Russian – even though Russian is not an official language in Latvia.

European Union Member

Latvia is a member of European Union and a member of NATO. It is safe and affordable country with high quality medical services and very low crime rate. Riga is a hub of several discounter airlines, that can take you to any European city in a couple of hours.

Unique history and climate

Immersion is very important in studying a foreign language, and in Riga the environment is supportive and welcoming as everyone speaks fluent Russian – most accent-free Russian – even though Russian is not an official language in Latvia.



The role of the host family is extremely important in creating a culturally and linguistically rich environment
All of the host families meet our high standards for accommodation
Most of them have successfully hosted many American students. All terms and conditions of the student's stay are outlined in the legal agreement between our center and the host families and are constantly monitored by our administrative support staff. In addition, students receive immediate assistance with any unforeseen housing problems.
Host family introduces students to day-to-day communicative situations
For example, the host family will help the student become familiar with the public transportation system, take the student shopping, to the movies and the theater, and provide the typical Russian family dinner experience, from food preparation to the entire family meal, with all communication in Russian.
The homestay option is not just about budget accommodation
What's unique about the Baltic States is that there is a significant Russian-speaking population. This is especially true in Riga. Our families attended special training events to help them to be better prepared for their role in hosting language students.

Russian studies political science and international relations

  • Global security considerations
    Today Russian studies become increasingly important subject. The demand of high quality specialists on Russia is growing in the United States due to global security considerations. Many venues in Russia and Ukraine that were used by US Universities as training facilitiesfor Russian studies experts are not available any more.
  • Leading experts
    Together with Latvian Institute of International Affairs and Free University (Briva Universitate) we provide a number of lectures and seminars from leading experts on issues related to economic, political, military, cultural issues of contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe.
  • Land of EU and NATO
    Students will be able to participate in events organized by leading Latvian think tanks, government and international organizations on political, military, economic, political and cultural issues related to the current situation in the region. There is a possibility for qualified students to get an internship at the Latvian Institute of International Affairs.
  • Center of Russian intellectual immigration
    Besides being a unique place in the EU where Russian can be learned, it's becoming a center of Russian studies in the broadest sense, as top experts in sociology, history, political science, law, etc. move to Latvia. There are several major media. In addition, the Free University of Moscow, a network of Russian-speaking academics abroad, is registered in Latvia.